Exploring worlds with words.

This is your RemindHer.

Remindher: a recurrent written or spoken message to remind you of what was always there.

Through journalling workshops, email letters, a podcast and Instagram #RemindHers, I explore words with worlds, and help you to find the ones to explore your own.

The aim is not to give you permission slips that you never needed. Instead, it's an invitation for you to make yourself a priority, so you can hear what you have to say. To ask questions - some old, some new and some that you may have just not asked yourself in a long while. I invite in reframe and compassion in a harsh world, where we are our own worst critics.

My hope is that my own musings, realisations and chapter re-writes, remind you that the pen of your life belongs to you. And that you can pick it up and start writing in the margins whenever you're ready.

Because we do know who we are and the things we want for ourselves - we just need the occasional remindher.

I'm Sasha: Writer. Doubter. Doer.

About Sasha
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This Is Your RemindHer

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Thank you for helping us to find the things we need. Often when we didn’t even know what we were looking for. What you do - and what you enable us to do - really does feel like magic. 


Wow. Just finished it. It was really amazing, thank you so much. Transformational. I had no idea journaling could be all of that!


Your gorgeous prompts will stay with me for a long time, and help me actually buiild a practice like I've been wanting to for years, but haven't known where to start!


Who I write for

I write for the questioners and the quiet rebels. The tired people-pleasers. The exhausted chasers of all the shiny things, labels and roles we were told would fulfil us. The former ambassadors of order set by other people. Those crossing the lines they once toed. Those who just want to know that someone else gets it. That someone sees and understands the effort to grow, do, change and sometimes, just be.

I write for you. I write for me.

In My Journal

Part journal, part resource.

Excerpts from the very pages where I'm exploring my world with words, and doable and useful how-to's for you to explore your own.

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The values that guide my writing