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Hi, I'm Sasha

Writer, doubter, doer.

I'm a writer and storyteller who writes from her road.

With a private practice of diary writing and journalling that nears thirty years, I know how to get honest on a page, meet myself with compassion and make space for it all.

For the last three years, I've hosted online guided spaces for others to connect with their own words through journalling. With my careful curation of prompts and practices, I’m here to help you make yourself a priority, so you can hear what you have to say.

Writer. Creative. Journalling guide.

I’m Sasha, the founder of Frank+Feel, freelance writer, creative and journalling guide.

 In 2020, a coach asked if I’d be interested in hosting an online journalling session for her community, and I said yes. With this, Frank+Feel was born. 

With my curation of prompts and practices, I’m here to help you make yourself a priority, so you can hear what you have to say. Instead of necessarily answering questions, I'm here to help you ask them - some old, some new and some that you may have just not asked yourself in a long while.

I invite you to make space and time for your own through journalling guides, stories shared from my own path and spaces to make journalling whatever you need it to be on any given day.

My mission is to offer journal spaces you want to spend time in that light up your senses, open the heart and quieten the mind.

And If you're wondering 'why Frank+Feel?' I write under the name because writing is the one way that I can express and process my feelings, frankly. No shoulds or filters. And I hope to bring some of that freedom feeling to others as they connect with their own words and thoughts in our sessions together.

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Private group journalling workhops

Where to find my Life of Words


The online journal of a life in progress.

I’m learning to ask the questions that matter, and not fear the replies while learning to live the answers as I go. Every other week, I share some words from my road as I travel along it and learn to live the answers. 

The journal acts, in part, as a lived example of the thoughts, questions and feelings of a woman living life, and also as an example that there's no one way to journal.

But also, it exists because I live my life in stories and words, and I just want to write: about experiences and things I see in the world. About feelings, frankly and life in real-time. To not overthink and under share. 

I refer to journalling as something we do to start and continue conversations with ourselves. Substack is the space where that ongoing conversation - with myself and the readers of it - happens.

A Life of Words on YouTube


I've recently started a YouTube channel sharing journal prompts, how to videos and spaces to actually do it.

It exists so I can share my love and learnings from a decades-long practice, and hopefully inspire those who come across the channel to find new methods, approaches and questions that they can use to start or build on a practice of their own.

I've turned to Substack and YouTube as places for slower creation, consumption and deeper connection that I just don't get from other fast-paced hamster wheel social media networks.

Personally, it also serves as a creative project that sees me expanding my creative expression and output while bringing a new angle of creative flow and fulfilment and showing myself that I can do through my doubt.