3 quick journal prompts for when you're too tired or overwhelmed for big year-end reflection

Whether at the end of a year or when still in a period of hibernation at the start of a year, Winter brings a natural time for reflection, as one year ends, and another begins. But what if the thought of doing a whole big session for a year, just feels like too much? I've three simple bullet point-style prompts for some gentler summary considerations.

What's one thing you failed at?

What's one thing you feel proud of?

What's one thing you figured out? 

    I periodically journal on the things I've failed at. I do so to normalise and minimise failure, and just treat it like what is is: a thing that happens in life. It's not a damning declaration of who we are as a person. It's an occurrence, not a label. To end the year, I've asked what I'm proud of and something I've figured out this year, because we're always figuring things out. My answers are below:

    One thing I failed at  was registering as self-employed before the deadline. I registered as a ltd company then wanted to change. I got halfway, couldn't get through to HMRC or find anyone to help with what I needed. I asked for recommendations, had a few meetings, left it a while, got overwhelmed and put my head back in the sand. I may get a fine, but I have now done it and am making headway with my first tax return. You get to move on after failure, friends. It's not an endpoint.

    One thing I'm proud of is launching my podcast baby into the world.  5 months, 18 episodic remindhers, over 2.5k listens. People left reviews! It felt impactful and stretching. It confirmed to me that I will always be last minute, but will also rise to meet outer accountability. Even if it's accountability I've created for myself. It was a real-life example of going with a feeling and figuring it out as you go. Ultimately,  that  is your remindher.

    One thing that I figured out: I've rid myself of labels and rubbed out checkboxes. But what do you anchor yourself to afterwards? The only label I welcome and that feels like it sums up my life and work is that I AM A WOMAN FIGURING IT OUT. I will continue to do so.

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