A Tiny Essay inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert

I saw this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert posted in a Facebook group I'm in, this morning:

‘the most interesting moment of a person's life is what happens to them when all their certainties go away. Then who do you become? And then what do you look for? That's the moment when the universe is offering up an invitation saying, 'come find me.'

These are the thoughts it prompted:

I think it's safe to say I'm there now.

For me, once I started, I found that I kept weeding out everything that was labelled security by society's standards, but built on sand. Then you look for truth. For true firm footing beneath you. You can't help it (and you don't want to). You no longer need to seek what is true for you, because you can't see anything but - plain as day. So instead, you seek not to dim anything that lights you up. You learn that your sparks are not to be sniffed at or snuffed out. You start to set down all of your coping mechanisms, labels and the modes of being that served you in some way up until now (planner, perfectionist etc.). You find you need them less now that you aren't gripping onto doing life as you thought it should be done.

It's kind of like being in a swimming pool and clinging onto the edge. One day, you push away from it, firmly rooted in nothing but yourself, and see what happens. It feels very unlike you, but for some reason, you just feel okay about it. And besides, there is no way you're going to spend any more time clinging to the side and calling that life.

It's not always comfortable, but it is always true. The more you let yourself sink into you, the more you become like a buoy, bobbing up and down in expanse. Learning to float in freedom.

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