Innate. Intrinsic. In us.

I felt seen today. I caught a few snippets of a podcast that writer, @Luvvie was a guest on recently. I've often said, words just appear in my head. They really do. And I have to grab them before they disappear. On this, Luvvie said, "Words would just pour out of my fingers." 👀 Seen.

She then went on to talk about the gift of writing: "A gift is not something that you necessarily earned, or you have to work at, to have it. But because it's a gift, we're like, "I don't trust it. I don't trust where it's coming from."


That thing that comes FROM you. From within your bones. That you do without blinking an eyelid and largely with ease. The thing that often connects us to our purpose, we deny it, BECAUSE it comes from us. So, because we don't trust the source, we don't trust the outcome.

Innate. Intrinsic. In us. Of us. Often denied.

She concluded: "And when people often ask you, 'how do you find your purpose?' Honestly, it's not about finding your purpose, as much as not doubting what's in front of you."

So, what's in front of you?

What if, for one day, you didn't doubt the thing in you, that you KNOW to be good? Asking ourselves to love and trust something we've only ever been suspicious of or at war with, can be an extreme sport and an ask we can't meet. At least we know what we get with doubt. We get "safety". Familiarity.

So, if you can't love that thing straight away, can you at least commit to doubting it just a little less? And just giving that thing IN you, the tiniest amount of space to come out?

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