Slow Growth, Words of the Year and a Can Do Attitude: A Guest Host Conversation with Kayte Ferris, Grow With Soul

I love recording these episodes with Kayte from Simple and Season

Kayte has invited me to be a returning guest host on her podcast. The premise being that every few months, we gather for a very informal chat about life in work, because work-life balance isn't really a thing, is it? It all rolls into one. Each informing the other. 

In this first episode of 2022, and the third overall with Kayte, we discuss slow growth, and what is hopefully my last job change for a while as my creative business continues to grow and take form. We also discuss words of the year and the recent realisation that my 'can do attitude' hasn't been as positive an attribute as I made it out to be.

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I consider these episodes a chance to get to know me: Sasha, the writer behind Frank+Feel, as I'm figuring it all out, sometimes quite literally as we're having the conversations itself. 

These podcast conversations have been described as though "sitting at a cafe table with a couple of friends, having a chat." So get a cup of something warm, and join us. 

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Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

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