There is no time

Inspired by hearing about the words that Chadwick Boseman had to say about purpose.

I'll leave them here for the self-doubters. I mean them with the intention to inspire, rather than incite despair. It's just that, when you really consider it, there is simply no time for the distractions we let consume us.

There is no time. 

If there is barely enough time for the good: for joy, for happiness, for purpose; then there is certainly no time for anything that holds you back from these things. 

There is no time. 

When doubt tried to detract, know that there is no time.

When questioning, overthinking, and endless planning persist; know that there is no time. 

It's not to say that you won't experience them, but don't spend too long considering them. They have already taken so much from us. 

Time will pass anyway. 

And you must ask yourself if you would rather spend it contemplating failure and fear so frequently that you end up living in real-time regret, or moving towards your purpose. 

Will you spend your days arranging the vision board, or enacting it? Writing about your dream life, or living it? 

It seems simplistic to write, but it is a choice we must make. One we do make through our powerful actions. The wilful distractions we let in. And anything, no matter how it's dressed up, that leads to quiet inaction. 

Choose well, because there is no time.



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  • Love this Sasha. Thinking about all the ways I waste time atm, and you write so beautifully that there really is NO time, and you’re so right!


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