Tiny Essay: Treading Water

tiny essay treading water


Treading water.

Feeling like you’re going nowhere.
No progress, seemingly.

Did you know that when you’re treading water, you’re using muscles to propel your body upwards and maintain an essentially stationary position? You are holding yourself up, using just enough energy to do so. Exerting and reserving energy simultaneously.

It is harder to stay in one place rather than swimming aimlessly, just to say you’re going somewhere.

Sometimes the best use of energy is to simply focus on staying afloat, until you’re more sure of where to go. It is enough of an ask.

Treading water.

Just you, keeping your head above water when there’s nothing to propel you and no tide to carry you.

It may feel like you’re going nowhere, but it is an act of phenomenal perseverance.
Progress, in stillness as an act of resistance.
Preservation in action.

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