For Your Journal: What Is Your Love Story For Today?

frank and feel journal prompt blog post inspired by glennon doyle

Reader, it seems that there is not a day that goes by when I don't mention Glennon Doyle. But the woman just feels like such a sage to me that I find treasure in all that she writes. Even this Instagram caption

In it, Doyle talks about a TV appearance on Ellen recently where she refuses make up, "so my face just looks how faces look."

"I went out there and everybody looked at my NAKED FACE and nobody died."

She ends the caption, "and that is my Love Story for today."

And it's that bit about the love story for today that has quietly sat in my mind.

The idea of having everyday love stories struck me as decidedly beautiful, because doesn't that just sound like something that the world needs more of? That we need more of?

The context too, of them being stories of celebration, for and of ourselves. They don't have to be, but I like that this one was just about her. That our love stories for each day can be examples where we stand up for ourselves, follow through on our wants, or don't give in to how things are always done. Love stories where we centre ourselves in the storyline of our lives that we can be so used to sitting on the sidelines of, someone else narrating it. I took this as a rallying call for each of us to daily be the loves of our own lives.

These are our love stories. Tales that might pass others by, but are monumental in terms of what they mean to each of us. 

One of my love stories for this week? Advocating for myself at work. It passed by as the breeziest conversation that you’d have missed if you weren’t whippet quick. But the words uttered in a five minute meeting were a first for me, and monumental in its power and what it represents in terms of me actually doing it. Advocate is the right word, and that feels massive to me. I’ll embellish more on that soon, but over to you: what is your love story today?

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