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What is journalling?

Journalling is simply self-expression and exploration that can take many forms. It's a way to connect with ourselves, our feelings and our desires. Sometimes it just serves as a space to get some things out of your head, make space and close down a tab in our brain.

The words journal and journey both share the same word root, meaning ‘day.’ I see my journal as a companion to my journey through life. And that’s why I love it: it sees and helps me process it all, day by day. Here's a blog post for a bit more on what journalling means to me and might be able to offer you.

IMJL on YouTube

I've recently started a YouTube channel sharing journal prompts, how to videos and spaces to actually do it.

It exists so I can share my love and learnings from a decades-long practice, and hopefully inspire those who come across the channel to find new methods, approaches and questions that they can use to start or build on a practice of their own.

The YouTube space serves as a place for slower consumption and co-creation.

Workshop Feedback

"I’m not a finisher. I've bought workbooks and self-led courses and never completed them. One of the things I love about your journaling spaces is that I commit to doing it in the moment. I never realised workshops could be so spacious.... you have shown me that silence can be where the magic happens, not me trying to fill it with inspirational words. Thank you for that."

About Sasha

Journalling has always been a tool I’ve used for personal reflection and expression, helping me navigate through pivotal moments and slower, transitional season changes too.

With a private practice of diary writing and journalling that nears thirty years, I know how to get honest on a page, meet myself with compassion and make space for it all.

For the last three years, I've hosted online guided spaces for others to connect with their own words through journalling. With my careful curation of prompts and practices, I’m here to help you make yourself a priority, so you can hear what you have to say. Want to know a bit more about me, my words and the creative road that's led here? Click here.