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Exploring Worlds with Words

Welcome to In My Journal Lately, an online space dedicated to offline feelings.

Through my YouTube channelonline substack journal and digital journalling guides here, I hope to help you make yourself a priority, find YOUR way with journalling and provide spaces to do so.

Hi, I'm Sasha

Journalling has always been a tool I’ve used for personal reflection and expression, helping me navigate through pivotal moments and slower, transitional season changes too.

With a private practice of diary writing and journalling that nears thirty years, I know how to get honest on a page, meet myself with compassion and make space for it all.

For the last three years, I've hosted online guided spaces for others to connect with their own words through journalling. With my careful curation of prompts and practices, I’m here to help you make yourself a priority, so you can hear what you have to say. 

Recently on YouTube

A 15-minute journal with me video to help you bring more intention and action into a you-shaped Summer designed by you.

"Sasha’s journalling workshops are like a gentle massage for my brain. Sasha has introduced me to a new way of journaling that probes the parts of my brain I clearly don’t often use often, and in the sessions I never fail to reach lightbulb-moments of self-discovery. Not only that but I’ve found these sessions the perfect way to make time for me, and find a feeling of quietly reflective calm."

Josephine Brooks

The Journal Store

If you’re looking for some gentle assistance, autonomous reflection and accountability in your journalling practice, my guided journalling spaces and digital journalling accessories are here to help. 

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YouTube recommended a video to me recently, that had a thumbnail cover that read “one-minute habits.” The algorithm serves me up a fair amount of this content because of my interests and searches. It thinks I want to figure life out. I do, and I am. ...
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How to use your phone in your journalling practice
Phones are often lambasted as the technological root of all evil, but they aren't going anywhere. So I prefer to find ways to bring my phone into my journalling practice, and make it a useful addition, instead of a distraction. In this post...
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