I'm Sasha, the writer behind Frank+Feel.

sasha the writer behind frank and feel 

My email bio reads 'writer, doubter, doer.' Even though I've been writing in some form from the age of eight, I only started saying 'I'm a writer' last year. A rebellious statement for a self-doubter terrified by how absolute and assured 'I am' sentences feel.

Frank+Feel was meant to be an independent candle brand, with words wedged in somewhere. I wanted to document the journey of starting a creative venture, but with the behind the scenes being front and centre, because effort should be seen and known and recognised and felt. As you can see, candles are very much the background to a plethora of notebooks and musings instead nowadays.

And that's largely the essence of Frank+Feel. Doing through doubt. A perfectionist planner, not knowing how things will play out, but routinely tuning out the noise to follow curiosity and the things I know deep down to be true for me.

I'm an avid lover of words, who wants to use them to challenge the negative narratives we often have in our minds. I aim to paper my #RemindHers across the internet and contribute to the slow change in how we speak to and treat ourselves.

I speak to internal North Stars: still there, but somewhat shrouded by responsibility, shoulds, engrained narratives and self-doubt.

I'm no teacher. I'm someone writing about my journey as it unfolds, with my particular brand of 'feelings, frankly.' Toxic positivity, it is not. I'm unlearning self-doubt and tuning back into what was always there. And I hope that my creative offerings provide small, powerful #RemindHers to those who come across them.