This Is Your RemindHer: Podcast Trailer

Welcome to This Is Your RemindHer.

A weekly podcast about not second guessing what we already know. And we know ourselves. But when shrouded by responsibility, shoulds, engrained narratives and self-doubt, sometimes we forget that. 

I'm Sasha, the writer behind Frank+Feel: an avid lover of words, who wants to use them to speak to and challenge the negative narratives we often have in our minds, through what I call #RemindHers

This is a podcast about building self-trust, self-compassion and making ourselves a priority in our own lives, because that’s exactly how it should be. Doubt should not be the dominant voice.

We shouldn’t have to unlearn things that should never have been taught in the first place. But what should be and what is, are two very different things. 

This is a place for sharing lessons learnt and truths remembered, through stories, experiences and musings.

I hope that these shortcasts help in tuning out the noise and the narratives, and tuning back into ourselves, first and foremost.

I'm no teacher. But what I am is a wordsmith, deep thinker and feeler, who knows how much the language used by us, for us and around us shapes us and can either be a poison or a tonic.

I am also someone who is angry. And anger changes things. I’m fed up with the stories that have run my life up to this point. Those presented by others, as well as the ones I tell myself. And so every step I take - both forward and back - I want to show and talk about. Because you’re not alone, and I have seen time and time again, how this stuff steals the could-be lives of so many people, but women in particular.

Being our own biggest critic isn’t working. 

Repeatedly telling ourselves no, when we want to say yes, isn’t working. 

Saying yes when everything inside us screams no, isn’t working. 

Waiting our turn isn’t working. 

Asking permission isn’t working. 

So I’m trying something new. And it’s working so far. 

I’m listening to me. I’m hearing me. I’m returning. I’m unlearning. I’m prioritising and bringing myself back to the top of the list. I am learning to trust myself again by rewriting my own narratives and inviting myself home. 

Everything I write is the documentation of that journey as it unfolds. 

And this is my invitation for you to walk alongside me, as you navigate your own. 

Because we know who we are and the things want for ourselves. We just need the occasional RemindHer.

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