EMBERS: A 90-minute journalling gathering for the end of the Year (Replay)

EMBERS: A 90-minute journalling gathering for the end of the Year (Replay)

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Didn't get the chance to attend the live session? Prefer to go through it on your own? The replay recording is now available for a limited amount of time. 


  • This listing is for the purchase of a replay of the live recording.
  • Once purchased, you will receive an email providing access to the recording and a set of PDF prompts.
  • Purchase offers 30 days' seasonal access to the recording*
  • If purchased through PayPal, the email will go to the address linked to you PayPal account
  • Please check spam just in case, and drop me an email if any further issues x


Let's just pretend October fits the rhyming pattern, okay?

I can’t quite believe that I never noticed that the literal spellings of the last few months of the year, all end with EMBER. 

Embers: A 90-minute journalling exploration about endings, grounding and continuation. 

The embers of Autumn. The embers of a year. 

I’ve been likening this last quarter to the embers of a fire.

A slow ending. The smouldering remains. Glowing hot coals. Endings in sight, but not quite done yet.

This bumper end-of-year session will be rooted by these four themes: EPILOGUE, SAVOUR, ANCHOR, ONWARD. 

EPILOGUE endings

SAVOUR fullness

ANCHOR root down

ONWARD continuation