#ThisIsJournalling May | THIS IS MY LIFE

#ThisIsJournalling May | THIS IS MY LIFE

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This month's theme: THIS IS MY LIFE | A rousing 60-minute journalling space to explore and reconnect with your life. 

This month's session theme is based on the phrase: This Is My Life. An hour of prompts that will be part-exploration and part-affirmation. 

These four words. Uttered a different way each time they leave my lips. Said with conviction, pride or disbelief. Met with autonomy, excitement, bewilderment, power, pragmatism and sometimes, fear. 

Four words. A plethora of meanings. 

I hope that the session and those words will provide affirmation where needed and confrontation when required. They'll frankly ask, “what do you want?”, while compassionately sitting alongside you with the gentle inquiry, “are you getting that here?” 

These four words regularly help bring me back to what is present. And I hope that the prompts in the session do the same for you. Most of all, I hope the session reminds you of what you desire and what’s possible. And of your power, not your passivity.

Listen to the podcast I recorded around this month's theme.

Live session tickets:

- guided 60-minute online workshop for solo journalling in community via Zoom

- a copy of the prompts for further journalling, emailed after the workshop

- time-limited access to the replay

Replay session holders: 

 - Access to the replay link for two weeks, emailed the day after the live session (time-limited on purpose, so you do carve out the time for yourself).

- a copy of the prompts for further journalling

#ThisIsJournalling: a monthly online intuitive journalling space for seasoned, rebel and non-journallers, alike. 

I guide, you lead. I encourage an intuitive style of journalling that focuses on how it feels instead of how it looks and proffering a space for you to make your thoughts a priority. While stationery mavens like myself are welcome to bring their best journal to the session, a journal isn't a pre-requisite to join. 

Come to the live session or purchase access to the time-limited replay (I wanna make sure you actually make this time for yourself!) to do in your own time. 


There is always an allocation of there if you need it tickets available for each session. You don't need to ask or seek permission, simply enter the code and take it if you need it.

Enter code TIUNI5 for a £5 digital ticket

Enter code TIUNI3 for a £3 digital ticket

Enter code TIUNI0 a fully discounted ticket

Refund policy: As this is a sale of a live digital event, refunds are not applicable.

    Access details and further reminder emails will be sent closer to the event date and time. Those who purchase a Replay ticket will only receive one email with the recording link the day after the live session.